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Schoolin Life Podcast

Aug 29, 2017

On this week's episode we discuss our college days; from college boyfriends to gospel choir. We talk majors & minors, our sorority and our most impactful college experience. 
Of course, no college reminiscing is complete without wild stories so Caryn discusses a herpes scare, Ashley shares what happens when you mix out of town Omegas, a barn and a 96lb women and Nish reminds us that it's all about road trips and writing papers.
Plus, the age old question "What is the appropriate age to have a hoe phase?"; answered.
In the know:
College protective styles
- Braids – Box, Senegalese, Havana, 
- Crochet Styles
- Bantu Knots 
- Pineapple
- Mohawk
- Headwrap 
- a "good" sewin 
Check out Fashion and Faux Pas from MTV VMA 2017 awards 
Prep for upcoming Netflix releases of Narcos – Season 3 (Sept 1)
Stranger Things – Season 2 (October 27)
Shoutout to:
The Upside Down-Chicago @700block_pod 
Mind of Ralph of @oversatpodcast