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Schoolin Life Podcast

Jun 11, 2019

On this week’s episode we talk DIY. As a generation with Youtube tutorials on how to do legitimately anything, we are some serious DIY’ers. From creating a flawless beat to building your own tiny home, if you watch enough how to’s it will have you empowered enough to do nearly anything. But in this era of “I can do it myself” have we become jacks of all trades and master of none? And does us “doing it for ourselves” ever get exhausting enough for us to call on the experts? On this week’s episode Ashley and Marcy talk about what we’re willing to DIY, when we’re calling in the experts and what DIY’ing has taught us over the course of our lives.


All Black Everything: Why it's ok, that you haven't seen "When They See Us" on Netflix.


TVTea: Always Be My Maybe on Netflix & "I hate Maggie" from Grey's Anatomy


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