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Schoolin Life Podcast

Jul 2, 2019

On this week’s episode, we talk the ways we use creative energy to improve our lives. It seems like everyone is some sort of creative—photographer, designer, musician, or artist—using the left side of their brains to make the world a little more beautiful. But what happens when the creative juices stop flowing or when your talents can’t make you enough money to sustain your life. How do you know when you should turn your hobby into a legitimate business or simply cherish it as a passion project. Listen as Ashley and Marcy talk about the creativity it takes to manage Schoolin Life including their life hacks, pitfalls, and proudest moments as creatives.


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All Black Everything: Marcy celebrates Cori Gauff and her win at Wimbledom! Cheers to beating your idols!
TVTea: Season 4, Episode 1 &2 Recap of Queen Suga. Nova is DEAD wrong.


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