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Schoolin Life Podcast

Oct 16, 2018

On this week’s episode Marcy and Ashley talk upgrading. Self improvement is a way of life for many of us as we constantly strive to advance, level up, and grow personally and professionally. But is this culture full of motivational quotes, self help resources, and quips becoming more overwhelming than actually inspiring? Surrounding ourselves with personal improvement guides and mantras can become the goal, instead of the doing the work to improve or taking the responsibility to practice and apply the lessons. Join us as we talk about upgrading ourselves, our partners, and our lifestyles in a raw, real, and authentic way. We talk what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how you can upgrade too.



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Join Ashley at Howard's Homecoming 

October 27 in Washington D.C.

It’s homecoming season and there is no better place to celebrate than Howard. Join me, Diplomatic Enterprises, and Howard University School of Law’s Class of 2008 for a grown-up’s party including all of our favorite jams from the 1999-2000’s. HBCU homecoming events are not to be missed (even if you didn’t go to the school and are perpetrating like me), so get your ticket today. I’ll meet you on the dance floor. Also we’ve got the hookup get $15 off your ticket with code “SchoolinLifeHU”
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