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Schoolin Life Podcast

Jul 28, 2020

On this week’s episode we continue Schoolin Life’s Summer School! Join us every Tuesday in July as a featured guest joins us to talk life & love over libations, tell us what they learned during the first half of the year, what they’re prepared to learn in summer school and what’s on the horizon for them for the remainder of 2020!


The/A/That Brittany and founder of The Brittany B a blog that is dedicated to disabling the idea of work life balance to birth work-life integration.  Her blog is for the “Corporate Entrepreneurial Social Butterflies” who exist in a corporate environment but also intersect with other ventures outside of the office. Her current passions have led her to be an advocate for underrepresented people, esp Black Women, in the workplace and she aims to give resources and valuable tips for those who are looking to not only build their brand in the company but also build equity and success. Follow her @thebrittanyb_


Ashley & Bree relaunching the book club! Join at


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All Black Everything: Black Mental Health Resources


TVT: Indian Matchmaking was everything. We're ready for Season 2!!