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Schoolin Life Podcast

Jul 14, 2020

On this week’s episode we continue Schoolin Life’s Summer School! Join us every Tuesday in July as a featured guest joins us to talk life & love over libations, tell us what they learned during the first half of the year, what they’re prepared to learn in summer school and what’s on the horizon for them for the remainder of 2020!


Our Substitute: Boonie is a podcaster and host of the Boonie Breakdown Podcast, a comedian (even if she wouldn’t call herself that) and the person to be around in any social setting. Boonie is the captain of responsibility and ratchet and a reluctant Beyonce fan. Follow her on IG for more antics @thebooniebreakdown


Ashley & Bree relaunching the book club! Join at


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All Black Everything: 9 books by Black therapists:


TVT: Blood & Water on Netflix So thrilled to see South Africans sharing their stories