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Schoolin Life Podcast

Aug 28, 2018

On this episode we talk patience, waiting and being at peace while standing still. There is no rap lyric that more closely aligns with my life right now than I got no patience And I hate waitin' from Jigga Man's (Jay-Z) 1993 track, “Big Pimpin’. (The title of the song, however, does not match my love life, but I digress.) I loathe waiting. I'm likely the most impatient person on the planet, and I actively live my life in overdrive; always on the go. Though lately, I sort of feel like God is telling me to be still, to wait...and it's TRYING me. I want to move, change, shake things up, and at every turn I feel stuck, like I'm being told to wait. Have you ever felt like this? Do you ever feel stuck? How do you practice patience in a world that's always on the go? 

Homework: (this article dragged my wig to and fro)Patience Is a Skill
All Black Everything: BlacKkKlansman
TV: Issa is impossible to root for.
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