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Schoolin Life Podcast

Sep 18, 2018

On this week's episode Ashley and Marcy talk birth control. The time came when I knew I wanted to have sex. I also knew I couldn't tell my momma. So at the age of fifteen, I had to figure out how to prepare, all on my own. Like any naturally-curious child pre-internet, I asked my big cousin and she told me to go to Planned Parenthood. Before I knew it, I had a patch, condoms, and the freedom to do the momentous thing that I totally wasn't ready for.

Listen in as we discuss the birth control conversation—held either with the voice in our head, a confidant, or a partner—that every woman has had at some point in her life and that we continuously have to decide what is best for ourselves. Whether it’s a patch, a pill, or pulling out, we've all got to decide on a plan for how and when we choose control or birth.


Substitute: Taja Fox, Founder Bliss Women Magazine


It Aint None of My Business: "Kids Don't Damage Women's Careers, Men Do"


All Black Everything: Sterling K. Brown 


Fall TV Preview 


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