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Schoolin Life Podcast

Jul 24, 2018

On this week's episode we talk ghetto girls. We've all met her (or been her) the gum smacking, lip poppin, trash talking, beeper wearing, blond wig having ghetto girl. Black "ghetto" women are a hallmark of the black community and are a sterotype that many in the black community have shunned, until now because it's profitable. Wanna of "Wanna's World" blog writes "the endless looks that have been created and/or influenced by black women in the ghetto being stripped down and sold to the highest bidder in an effort to erase its origin. What was once billed as “ratchet”, has been widely appropriated by those who comfortably watch from the sidelines and regurgitated into some watered down, Instagram-baddie aesthetic. Nameplate jewelry, nail art and colorful, synthetic wigs has cemented itself into pop culture without our identities being portrayed positively and certainly without reparations." Today we talk about her, our beloved ghetto girl and how we feel about her image being co-opted by the highest bidder.


Cardi B: " I wanna be like one of them pretty proper girly girls, but this gangsta b*tch won't leave me alone. Get out of my spirit you ghetto hoe"


Homework: Wanna Worlds Article: Black Girls from the Hood are the Real Trendsetters:


All Black Everything: The McClure Twins 


TV: Family Matters  


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